Bloomington Farmers’ Market: Veggies and an Art Show

A gentleman vinegar importer responds to our “How’re you doing?” with a friendly “It’s never been this good! It’s not snowing, it’s not raining, it’s not a hundred degrees.” My thoughts, exactly.

Next, we sample flavored pickles—sweet, garlic, bread and butter, cinnamon, jalapeño, and my favorite, habañero. If more folks find out about this guy, he’ll steal all of Vlassic’s customers. Who wants bland store-bought dill pickles when this guy’s selling habañero?

And we must talk to the Vista sisters. More about them in a minute.

But perhaps most intriguing about the Bloomington market is that, after we’ve browsed through all the vendors’ tables and loaded up on groceries for the week, we can stroll through the art gallery. the Bloomington Farmers’ Market sets up every Saturday in the parking lot of the Bloomington Civic Center, which, in additional to hosting fantastic events like the annual Bloomington Writers’ Conference, also houses the Greenberg Gallery, Schneider Gift Shop, and two theaters. Dinner and an art show, anyone? leaf dingbat