Minneapolis Farmers’ Market: The Largest Open-Air Market in the Upper Midwest

Bananas. Peppers. Avocados. Coffee. Tomatoes. Corn on the cob. Papaya. Seedlings. Honey. Soap. Hand-sewn elephant pin cushions. Lemons. That’s right, fresh lemons at a farmers’ market in Minnesota. Every day, even. Does life get better than this?

Walk up and down the aisles at the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market, and you’ll find every type of fresh produce. Walk up and down the aisles at certain other farmers’ markets, and you’ll find only produce that is in season within 50 miles of the metro.

So which is better? It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to make fresh pico de gallo in May, you won’t find tomatoes or peppers in season in Minnesota (other than those grown in a hothouse).

That’s why the Minneapolis market showcases both local produce and imported produce. Yes, we want to buy local, support our community farmers, and ensure that the produce is fresh, not shipped in from California. We also want to make our favorite dishes even when certain vegetables are in season.

It’s easy to tell which vendors are resellers. Above each stall is a sign with the vendor’s name and the booth number. The words “MPLS Licensed Reseller” appear under the names of those vendors which resell imported products. leaf dingbat

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